Positive NHS Stories

I’m never sure how to start posts. Increasingly I have been wondering about trying to be more involved with the world beyond my immediate family and friends. A lot happens in the world which makes you feel quite helpless but you want to try to make a difference. Of the many things which I feel I want to try to make a difference is the British National Health Service. There are always negative stories about the NHS, proposals for¬†privatisation, talk of various cuts and increasing stresses on nurses, doctors and hospital staff. It is very hard to keep up with it all.

I do think that health care should be freely accessible and that the government should strive to keep the NHS away from being privatised. Whether someone is treated by the health service should not be based primarily for their ability to pay for care. But this is starting to get into territory which I am not familiar with and don’t fully understand.¬†I am not going to try to set out a plan for how to improve the NHS.

What I mainly what to do is encourage people to spread positive NHS stories. I think it’s a good place to start. Whatever your positive story is please share it for as many people to see as possible. Whether it is staff being friendly and helpful, or treatment that saved your life, share it to show that the NHS is not a failing service.

The NHS brought me into this world, kept me healthy as a child, saved my life when I was 19 and gave me back my life when I was 25. The most I have had to pay for is prescription medication. I have not had to pay for surgery, staying in hospital and various procedures and examinations. I have met some amazing doctors, nurses and other people working in the NHS, they do a great job and it makes me really angry that the government and media seems to try it’s best to make their jobs even harder by focusing on negatives, cutting funding and increasing work hours.

I can’t think of a catchier title. But please share your positive, uplifting, happy, inspiring and good news NHS stories.