Three Years On

Cornish Sunset

Cornish Sunset

So on 30th October 2012 I had my large intestine removed, a J-pouch formed from the base of my small intestine and a temporary stoma. On 27th November 2012 I had the temporary stoma reversed and my J-pouch put to the test. Three years on I sometimes forget what has happened to me. I have mixed feelings about this. It is a great testament to my recovery and the fantastic job the surgeons did. At the same time it makes me complacent and I should remember that my insides are different to other peoples. There has been the occasional hiccup (as in bowel hiccup), but my quality of life is amazing compared to what it was.

My body has healed so well. You can barely see any scaring. I have four keyhole scars on my abdomen and two larger scars, one under my belly button and another on my right hand side where the stoma was. I can still feel these scars but you can barely see them, being very hairy helps with this. I am able to do a very physically intensive job and barely have any problems. I may sometimes have a long walk to a toilet but I have control and warning now.

3 years on and it's hard to see any scars.

3 years on and it’s hard to see any scars.

What am I trying to say with this post other than “oh look at me, three years ago I was a mess, now I have a life”. I may be very busy but I would rather be busy and struggle to fit everything I need or want to do into my day rather than be too ill to have a life or a meaningful existence.

Everyone has problems but the crucial thing is how you deal with them. Do you tackle them and overcome these problems or hope that they will go away. People may help or try to help you but you are the most important person in dealing with your problems. Once you have acknowledged the issue you can start addressing it. I was fortunate in that most of the serious problems I have had (whether physical or mental), have had an identifiable cause which I have been able to address. It is not always easy to deal with the problem but you need to persevere. Life isn’t easy that part of the beauty of it. It would be very boring if it was easy.  If you are lucky there will be a quick fix. If it isn’t a quick fix it’ll take determination, there will be good days and bad days, use these to keep you going. Learn from the good and the bad and don’t give up.

“A fool is someone who goes through a negative experience and doesn’t learn from it.” I first heard this quoted by Richard Hawley. I don’t know if he heard it somewhere else but I will attribute it to him. I try not to be a fool but sometimes I am.

PS I managed to get through a whole blog post and barely referred to poo. Also sorry about the picture…at least you don’t have to see my face.


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