The truth about pooping in a bag is that it can save lives

This is a great article about a persons experience with Crohn’s disease and having an ileostomy:

“People who have ostomies all had serious medical conditions or injuries they didn’t choose, and surgery became an option for a better life, or in some cases to save a life. Remember that. Don’t judge people who have had to go through so much and are dealing with it because they have to.”
At some point I should start writing again about my own experience but I keep saying I don’t have time. It would be more accurate to say that I am not organising my time well enough to write anything.

Ostomies do save your life and make your quality of life so much better. I only had to live with a ileostomy for a month but I feel I was mentally ready for it. I had had such a bad experience with ulcerative colitis that the prospect of pooing into a bad seemed much better than what I had been dealing with. Almost three years on (living with a j-pouch) I sometimes forget that I have one. It doesn’t seem like three years. I have been able to do things I never could have done if I was still suffering from UC. I have had to use a few too many portaloos than I would like but such is the life of a field archaeologist.

Whatever troubles you may experience, they are only fleeting. Human have an amazing capacity to overcome adversity, whether it is physical, mental and be better off afterwards. That’s a bit of a rubbish end. I’m tired and can’t think of a better positive message to end on


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