I have not written anything on this blog for a long time. I have been distracted by a masters course which I have not finished. I am at a bit of a loss now that I am finished and I should start writing on this to give me a bit of direction.

Two years ago was when I had the second part of the operations to help my body deal with ulcerative colitis (UC). At the time I was not sure if agreeing to the operations in the first place was a very good idea. Long story short things were not going as well as hoped. After the second operation things improved, which I am incredibly grateful for. I thought I had made the worst decision of my life. Two years on I think I made one of the best decisions of my life. I could not have achieved what I have in the past two years if I was still suffering from UC the way I was before the first operation.

In the spirit of giving thanks. I am thankful I am alive. I am thankful I made the decision to undergo surgery. I am thankful for my family who helped me at my lowest points. I am thankful for the new job I shall be starting in December.

To everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family. Be grateful for the little things as much for the big things.



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