I am sure some people I know have already seen this TED talk video. If you have not I would advise you to watch it.

I have avoided uploading videos about health to my blog. I have put links to other videos in the links section, but I avoid putting them in the main sections as I feel some videos can be a bit forceful about giving advice which doctors may give with caution. Talk to your doctor before doing anything or taking advice from someones video or blog (I included my own blog in that). Having said all that, I think this video of a TED talk about stress is very interesting. I have experienced a lot of stress at points and think that the simple advice this talk offers is very good.

I am sure in some respects too much stress is not healthy but to some degree it is a part of life. The main message of the talk is to “think of your stress response as helpful.” The closing statement is very good as well. “Go after what creates meaning in your life and trust yourself to handle the stress that follows.”


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