Expanding on my short trip to Northern Ireland, I will be doing some more travelling this summer as well as some archaeological field work.

For the last two weeks in July I will be going to Jersey to help work The Ice Age Island Project. This is thanks to my friends Cat Cooper (who also has a blog which you can find on my links page) and Sam Griffiths (I think Sam has a blog as well but I don’t know the address). From what I understand the project involves studying the archaeological sites and artefacts, geological features and natural formations to gain a better understanding of the Ice Age period which affected Jersey and Europe on a whole. This work is being done so that in understanding this period of climate change we can better understand how it shaped North West Europe.

The link below will better explain the project:

If I can I will try to do some Jersey archaeology related entries while I am away.

My other bit of travelling will involve going to South America. That is not for any archaeological work it is purely travelling for the fun of travelling. This does not mean I am not terrified as well as excited about the trip.


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