Getting back into yoga

Before I get into yoga which is the main topic of this post I think I should mention that I was anemic for most of this year so far which I hadn’t realised till I had a blood test a few weeks ago on the 19th June. I needed to have an iron infusion which was scheduled for Wednesday 3rd July to stop me being anemic. Think the anemia may have been a factor in why I have been feeling pretty low for the past few months, though there are definitely other reasons but I have no desire to write about them in a blog.

So to yoga. I have been a bit nervy about trying yoga in a similar way to being a bit tentative about running. Running involves a lot of impact and jolting of the insides, which I don’t want to do too much or too severely after major surgery to my insides. Yoga can involve a lot of twisting and turning and work your core quite hard. While I have no doubt that yoga is a good thing and will be a good thing for me in the long term I am still a little hesitant of it. That is the reason it has taken me a while to get back into practicing it and also feeling a bit unmotivated has led to me not feeling inclined to practice it every morning so far.  I have been doing it sporadically since the last week of June.

I am going to use some yoga terms or at least terms which are in my few yoga books. I will include pictures to show what I am talking about where an explanation doesn’t make it clear what I am talking about. I am sure to anyone who knows about yoga this will probably come across as amateurish, naive or misinformed.

I am not doing all the positions that I used to do in my daily yoga routine. I have not attempted The Bow and Arrow of Joy (see pictures below), it’s kind of hard to describe that one. It involves lying on your front and holding onto your ankles, I hope that describes it, at least the picture shows what it looks like. I used to enjoy that one despite it looking uncomfortable.



yoga_0004 yoga_0002


I have not attempted Stillness With The Sky (shoulder stand) either (pictures below). I really like this position, well I pretty much like every yoga position I have ever attempted from what I can remember. Shoulder stands are quite tricky and as with the Bow and Arrow of Joy I will build up to this position as I really don’t fancy doing any damage to myself.



yoga_0001 yoga_0003



There are postures which you do after The Longbow and shoulder stands to stretch or work the body in an opposite way to the initial positions but I have not attempted them either, even though some of them aren’t quite as tricky as the first position. I hope that makes sense. For example, a shoulder stand closes/squashes your throat (you are still able to breath) so after you do a shoulder stand you do a posture to open up your throat.

I was quite rusty when it came to sun salutations. It is such a long time since I have done them that they don’t always flow as much as they should do really. Sun salutations are when several poses are linked together to flow from one to the other.

The positions that I have attempted have all gone well. I noticed in part of Kindness from the West that my tummy felt a little tight leaning forward, while doing the part of the posture referred to as the diamond wheel fold (see picture below). While sitting crossed legged, you clasp your hands behind your back with the palms facing each other and lean forward for part of the posture.




I felt a little pain with part of the King of Patience posture, during  the King of Fishes (see picture below). It was more that I am still not very flexible so I should ease my way into that one.




I need to work on my breathing as well. I like to think that I am often quite a patient person though I think this might not be the case in the future and I do lose my patience sometimes and do or say stupid things. In terms of breathing and yoga I have not always been very patient. Breathing is an important part of yoga and I normally don’t focus on my breathing as much as I should do which is not helpful in the short term or long term. I am better at focusing on breathing in a class. If I focused more on my breathing I think my postures would probably improve and the other benefits from yoga would be better.

Also I think I should add that I do enjoy practicing yoga whether it is on my own or with other people in a class. I don’t do it to impress anyone or because someone else does it. I first started it after meningitis messed up my body and mind a bit and I thought yoga would help.

I am no expert in yoga, I am very far from it. Don’t take what I say as gospel, though I doubt anyone does. As I think I said in a previous past most of what I talk about concerning yoga is largely from memory and mine is not always very reliable.


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