Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance when you have or have suffered from IBD is not easy. It is even trickier when you had a few issues after an operation. Even though I feel better than any time since 2010 insurance companies are still not too happy about the problems I had after one of my surgeries. Bowel obstructions are not fun things to experience and it is even more annoying that I only had them due to my body not liking the temporary stoma but that doesn’t make a difference.

Crohn’s and Colitis UK have some information sheets about insurance and travel and various other issues you may come across suffering from IBD.

I got my travel insurance with ‘Good To Go Insurance’ it was pretty good if a little pricey but I have had major surgery in the last year and been very ill for two years.

My advice regarding travel insurance would be if you are in a similar situation to me regarding having had surgery it is probably best to wait at least a year before you go anywhere you would need insurance for travelling to. I was a bit rash in planning a trip which requires travel insurance. I feel I have had a pretty crap few years and someone invited me on a trip to South America and I still have some free time to take advantage of so I thought I would go for it.

Hopefully I won’t need the insurance but it is better to be safe rather than sorry. I am going to be travelling somewhere which often has warnings about food poisoning and digestion issues so having insurance cover which will help in the event of any digestive problems will be helpful. Myself and anyone else who has had IBD are at a higher risk than most other people of getting digestive issues like food poisoning so it is good to get insurance cover which covers problems like food poisoning.

Travelling is fun, though I am a bit scared about my trip to South America and insurance companies are very annoying.


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