Two years and ten months

Today I went for my first proper run since September 2010, which is about two years and ten months…unless I am being more stupid than I am normally. September 2010 was when I first started to notice colitis like symptoms though I was not too sure what they represented. It was quite scary as I noticed blood coming from somewhere you don’t expect to see blood coming from and I needed to go to the toilet a lot.

At the moment I don’t feel too bad. I made sure that I stretched a lot before and after. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I won’t go for another run for a few days. Not because this run was so horrific, more because I don’t think the impact of daily runs will do my insides much good.

Anyway the run. It went ok, or as ok as things can go when your cardio isn’t great and you haven’t run in a long time. Previously I had run for the bus the other day but that was very briefly. Anyway back to today. I ran for about 700 metres then felt a little funny bowel wise…nothing terrible, but a little like I should stop and walk for a little. So I walked for about another 700 meters. Then I ran for about 500 meters, then walked home. The distance are very rough guesses. To be more exact I should have run on a track but I couldn’t be bothered to go to my nearest track.

I hadn’t taken much imodium today so maybe before the next run I should take a bit more to help with the not feeling funny. Considering how long it has been since my last run I am pretty happy with my effort. It might be a while before I am back to my old standard as I was pretty much ready to race a marathon in September 2010.



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