T’ai Chi

Since officailly re-enrolling at uni I have not been as active as I have been previously this year. Though I did cycle into uni the other day. That was very tiring and took me quite a while, especially as I was being very careful cycling round central London. I was able to do it without dying so that is a good thing but I am not fit enough to do it regularly, I need to build up to that.

I’ve been going through the work I did when I started the masters to try and get back into things, but I am finding ways of wasting time…mainly staring at notes not really reading them.

When I have not been staring at pages blankly I have been trying to be active. One of the ways has been in trying out T’ai Chi. I do want to get back into yoga but I have been aprehensive about my stomach muscles and yoga can often involve a lot of twisting. So I have been to two T’ai Chi classes so far. At the first one there was myself and old lady and the instructor and at the second there I was with the instructor and two old women. I know my socail life is really that excieting! Unfortunately I also don’t know of any beaches nearby where I might be able to practice it.

Anyway T’ai Chi is quite interesting. The first class was very slow but I had breifly told the instructor about my operations so I think he very wisely didn’t want to try too much. I will try to keep it up but at the moment I still prefer yoga. It very different to yoga in places. The focus on breathing is largely the same but the principles of how you move, control and think of your body is different. Movements are built up on one another rather than being one position (other than sun salutations). Also I have practiced yoga properly in ages or been to a class for years so I am sure some of my ideas of yoga have been clouded by time and my poor memory. At the points when you just stand and breath and think about your body you are told to notice how you are feeling but not to try to influence it in anyway. I’ve only been to two classes and haven’t read up much about T’ai Chi so I should not try to analyse it or talk about it in too much detail.

I was signed up for a pilates class by my mum as well earlier this week. At the beginning of the class I was told pilates is nothing like yoga by the instructor. I thought, “that’s funny I could swear that I had heard that pilates was based on yoga but didn’t deal with the meditation side, pretty sure I have read that a few times as well.” Any way I took part in the class and was mainly thinking through the class “this is just rubbish yoga.” It didn’t seem to flow. There were positions which seemed very unnatural. I know yoga has advanced positions which look unnatural  but you build up to them and it seems to me they make some sort of sense with your body. Pilates also uses some strange termanology and you need things like weights and other random gym paraphernalia. I know yoga has some strange terms but they are from sanskrit unless I am very wrong, I hope I’m not. In yoga all you need really is a mat. So seeing as I was not overly impressed with pilates I feel I can start practicing yoga again. Though I should take it slowly and think trying to find somewhere local with beginner courses is a good idea.

I will be taking part in Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s London Walk on 22nd June. I have included a link to my sporship page. If you spare a small amount to donate to Crohn’s and Colitis UK it would mean a great deal to me.



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