May…sorry couldn’t think of a better title

I’ve been a bit lazy since I got back from my trip to Northern Ireland. The trip was great but I seemed to stall a little when I got back. I had been getting into quite a good routine of using my time productively before going and since being back I am completely out of any sort of routine. Hopefully getting back to uni when I re-enrol at the end of the month will give me a good kick up the arse. I did get a good kick up the arse from a friend the other day and that also helped. I am very grateful to my friend and hopefully she won’t have to listen to my nonsense again.


I say I haven’t been up to much. I have still been doing more than I was able to do last year. I went to the spring NABD event. That was a lot of fun. The porterloos were not as terrifying as I was expecting. Imodium helped me not need to frequent the porterloos as much as I was dreading and I always left them in a cleaner condition than I found them.


I was able to spend a few days helping a friend I made on my travels in Ireland explore London. She loved the Grant Museum which I was very happy about. I don’t think I know many people who would enjoy it as much as she did. If you are wondering the Grant Museum is a zoology museum. It is well worth a visit.

On 19th May I went to Oxford to take part in a walk organised by the Oxford Oxfam Group aka OOG. The walk was 10 miles long and included some very picturesque areas just outside of Oxford. The pace that was set by the group I was walking with was very gentle. I think I could have managed a faster pace but my stamina is still pretty poor so the gentle pace was probably a good idea. It was a good warm up for the walk I will be doing for Crohn’s and Colitis UK on 22nd June. This shouldn’t be too grueling either. My fund raising page is:

I have gone climbing a few times with a friend as well in the past few weeks. I have mainly been doing bouldering, so not going to high. I have climb up a few walls that are quite high and not completely freaked out. Climbing is a lot of fun and great exercise. It works your whole body. Still got a lot of stamina, strength and flexibility to build up before I start getting good a climbing. Also everyone at the climbing centre is very friendly and there is a very welcoming atmosphere. I am not sure what it is like at other climbing centres. The atmosphere around climbing reminds me of the same atmosphere I remember from yoga classes or groups. Everyone is very encouraging, people don’t judge you or look down on you if you can’t do something. More experienced people want to help you out and focus on the things you are doing right rather than something you might be doing wrong.


Not much poo was mentioned in this post. For anyone feeling cheated or like there was something missing…POO!


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