Recent check up with surgical team

Past couple of weeks have been unusually busy for me. I had a check up appointment with the surgeon who carried out my operation. I think I have been doing pretty well recently  and the surgeon agrees. I received my copy of the correspondence between the surgeon and my GP, which I have copied out below. I know this is technically confidential but as I want to show how surgery can be very beneficial for some people with IBD I have decided to share it. There is mention of bowels and some things other people may find unpleasant.

“I had the great pleasure of seeing Mr Whitmore again in Mr Smith’s Outpatients today. As you know he has done extremely well after his pouch procedure which was performed in November last year. He opens his bowels approximately six to seven times a day although sometimes less. He occasionally wakes up at night. He does not have any severe pain and there is no bleeding or mucus to speak of. He is gaining weight with a good diet and he is exercising. He does not require any further endoscopic examination for the time being, however we will keep an eye on him and see him again in approximately six months time.”

All things considered I would say that is a good letter to receive a copy of.



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