Happiness is a Dry Fart

This post will refer to poo…you have been warned.

The phrase ‘happiness is a dry fart’ was passed on to me via my mother who heard it from one of her friends who is a former GP and married to a gastroenterologist. The phrase was used at the end of a presentation about how patients deal with IBD both mentally and physically. The presentation was given at a conference for gastroenterologists.

Though I like this phrase I think that if I had heard it when I was experiencing some of my worst symptoms I might not like it so much.  I use the phrase occasionally not only in relation to IBD but just as a way of saying that a lot of the time it is a the little things which we take for granted which can have the most impact on us and it is only when they are gone when we realise how important they are. This way of thinking can be said in many different ways and be referring to different things for different people. When talking to a friend of mine about writing a post entitled ‘Happiness is a Dry Fart’ my friend said “It really is the smallest things in life that are the most important and the most likely either to make you happy or severely inconvenience you!”

From having lived with sever ulcerous colitis for two years and having needed to have my large intestine removed to deal with the illness I can assure anyone who has never had any bowel problems that happiness is definitely a dry fart. However fortunately since having my operation I have been able to enjoy a few dry farts. I still do not trust my bowels so this is not a regular occurrence. For any of my friends reading this just be glad that I did not call you or send you a message when I did have a dry fart for the first time since the operations and in two years. I was pretty excited I did think about calling someone to tell them the good news!

What I am trying to say is try to enjoy everything in life. Enjoy the little things as well as the big things, possibly the little things especially so. Enjoy, remember and appreciate the things which seem limitless but may only happen a few times.


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