Some Alternatives

Before trying any alternative treatment you should always consult your doctor! I cannot stress that enough!

Metamucil (firming stool):

  • At least four serving a day (1 tablespoon in a glass of water). Six servings would be better.
  •  Drink lots of water
  • beneficial not therapeutic
  • Don’t use artificially flavoured
  • unflavored or orange flavour is fine.
  • Drink about 30mins before a meal

I would take 3 table spoons a day with a glass of water. One in the morning with breakfast, one at lunch time and one with dinner or after. It is definitely beneficial rather than therapeutic. I noticed that it did help with firming stool but not with any other symptoms. I was still needing to rush to the toilet very frequently.

I have not taken metamucil since I had my operation, I was advised that it would not do much good or make much of a difference. I still have some but would need to get myself back into the habit of taking it to see if it was of any help. For now imodium is very helpful as are some foods but I haven’t been strict enough with myself to keep a note of what foods are more helpful than others. I am still being very lazy in the respect to being overly careful about what I eat and keeping a diary about food and toilet trips. I should start this as I am seeing the surgical team for them to see my progress post op at the end of the month. The only food I have noticed that is definitely a little problematic is chocolate and other surgery foods, but only if I have quite a lot. I have been able to drink a little alcohol without any adverse effects…I have a little bit, no drinking competitions for me.


Flaxseed/Linseed meal or oil:

Some people refer to flaxseed/linseed as a miracle cure as far as IBD symptoms are concerned. Personally I did not notice much benefit to adding this to my diet. I am not going to refer to it as a miracle cure as I do not really like this term as one person’s cure could be another person’s poison. Some forms of flaxseed are much harder to eat than others, this is due to taste laregly. I found flaxseed (preferably ground up) worked best if used  with porridge. Rapeseed oil is another recommendation as a dietary treatment for IBD. Rapeseed oil as with flaxseed/linseed oil can be added while cooking or to salads. I did find a recommendation somewhere for taking a spoonful of flaxseed oil on its own in the morning. I would not recommend this.

  • Flax cereal. Can add oil to cereals.
  • Flax oil/ALA (alpha linolenic acid) capsules
  • Try to get three tablespoons a day (five tablespoons is fine)
  • Seeds can be ground and added to food such as cereals. Add two tablespoons to food.
  • Use oil for:
    • Salad dressing
    • Add to porridge
    • Toast
    • Drizzle of meats
    • Baking instead of butter/margarine
    • Smoothies
    • Mashed/crushed potatoes
    • Two tablespoons of seeds can be boiled then simmered in half a litre of water, decanted into a thermos then drunk three times a day before a meal (recommended by a rather questionable response to a blog)

Other supplements:

  • slippery elm
  • goldenseal
  • bromelain
  • probiotics
  • Fish oil with Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Aloe Vera

Fish oil and Omega 3 is another alternative treatment like flaxseed/linseed that some people seem to rave about. One example of this is the book I have discussed in a previous entry called ‘The New Eating Right For a Bad Gut’ by James Scala, Ph.D. This heavily emphasis the benefits of Omega 3 and fish oils in general. I was taking a lot of Omega 3 supplements and eating a lot of fish at times and did not notice any benefit to my symptoms. That does not mean that they cannot help some people just that it did not work for me. Though supplements should be used with caution and before using any supplements you should talk to your doctor.


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