Another book review

Book Review

Crohn’s & Colitis: Diet Guide

Dr. A. Hillary Steinhart & Julie Cepo


This is a good book which explains the basics of Crohn’s and Colitis and various ways of managing the conditions. Most other books and articles which I have come across present both conditions as being able to be treated solely with dietary alteration and that you will be able to do away with medication. This book does provide dietary advice and that in some cases IBD can be treated through diet, however it does acknowledge that this is not always the case. The main medical and dietary treatments are covered. It also covers the surgical procedures which can be carried out to treat IDB as well. The book appears to cover all the methods of treating IBD other than some of the more alternative and less well known treatments.

The book is dived into three parts. Part 1: Crohn’s and Colitis Basics. Part 2: Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Part 3: IBD-Friendly Recipes.

Part 1 details what IBD is, what are the causes and what the symptoms are. This is all explained all a fairly straight forward manor and does not bog you down with too much jargon. I have not properly studied human biology in detail since I left school (other than the skeleton) and I did not find the sections detailing the human digestive system too complicated to understand.

Part 2 explains the various treatments or ways of managing IBD. There are three main sections which relate to the medical/drug treatments, the surgical procedures and dietary strategies and advice.

Part 3 goes into more detail about dietary advice and provides various recipes. This is more than most other dietary advice I have come across does. Much dietary advice relating to IBD tells you things which are good and bad and what should be avoided and what may reduce symptoms. Not much dietary advice which I have come across actually tells you recipes which involves the good things to eat and either reduces the bad food or does not include any of it.

IBD seems to affect everyone in slightly different ways and food which is good for one person may be very bad for someone else and vice versa. I can’t remember any specific recipes from this book which I used a lot. On the whole when I was being very careful about what I ate I would eat a lot of fish and chicken and have boiled vegetables like carrots, potatoes and butternut squash. I would make sure that I either did not eat vegetables with skins or would peel them. I would also eat a lot of pasta and rice. Most meal consisted of fish/chicken, boiled carrots/mashed potato/sweet potato and rice/pasta. There were points when the sight of boiled carrots filed my heart with dread. I have never liked boiled carrots. Before I started to suffer from UC I liked to eat raw carrots but that is a big no, no with IBD. I would also eat bananas and peeled apples.

So back to discussing the book. Overall a good book if you or someone you know suffers from IBD. It might not address every concern that you have regarding IBD but I have yet to find anything which does.


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