Ben, Nick and myself in Singing River (that is the name of the cave)

Ben, Nick and myself in Singing River (that is the name of the cave)

So three months ago most movement would cause me pain and movement involving my abdominal muscles would cause very serious pain. That is not the case anymore. I went caving in Somerset at the weekend on a trip organised by my friends Ban and Annie. The trip was great fun…even the bits when I did manage to get myself wedged in between two rocks. Imodium was also a very good friend on this trip. I was a little worried that as we would be spending a couple of hours in the cave I may need to go to the toilet and would not be able to wait until we got out of the cave. This turned out to be me being a little too paranoid about my situation. All that was required was a tactical poo (TP) before heading to the cave. I assume most people know about or are familiar with a tactical chunder, a tactical poo works on the same principle. Anyway I would make sure that I would go to the toilet before we went to a cave and made sure that I took several imodium.

I normally take imodium if I know I will be out and about for a bit but not that many. I will take one before I leave the house and take one if I need to use any toilet facilities while I am out. While caving I would take a couple in the morning and then two or four before going to a cave depending on how I was feeling and how much I had eaten before the cave.

Back to the trip and less about poo. Being able to go away for the weekend and spend time with my friends was fantastic. It was a shame that some people weren’t able to make it but either they were too far away for it to be viable for them to come to Somerset for the weekend or they probably would not have enjoyed it as much as myself and the other new cavers. I will have to find time to visit the people who weren’t able to come. The trip was great. I got to see an area of the country which I had previously not seen properly (I did spend a lot of time underground, but there were some amazing sights underground!), seeing Cheddar Gorge was amazing.

A few months ago I would not have been able to do this. Also over the previous two years there was little to no chance of me being able to do anything like that. If at any time I was a bit nervous about what I was doing or was a little stuck and might have started to panic, the thought that I was able to be in that situation calmed me down. I may still not be as fit as I was but I was healthy enough to climb/crawl/walk/clamber through a cave. I may not make it as regular a hobby as some of my friends but I would like to go again and there are still other things which I would like to try or get back to doing regularly.

I am proud of the progress I have made so far. I have still got quite a way to go and still a lot more to be getting on with and achieve or strive for. Though considering a few months ago most movement was agony and now I can go to the gym, swim, cycle and cave I am quite proud of that. I haven’t tried running yet, I will still give that some time before I try that.

I am not stuck. I did get stuck in a similar positition, but not for very long. Why the grin, because I was enjoying myself!

I am not stuck. I did get stuck in a similar position, but not for very long. Why the grin, because I was enjoying myself!

So for now I am looking forward to more band practices, being able to see friends and getting a shot of endorphins every now and then.

ps I was struggling to think of a title so I decided to go for a poo related one.


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