Some useful youtube videos

There are some videos that I found on youtube which I found quite helpful. The ones that I am posting a link to are about managing a stoma. I do not have a stoma but I found them helpful in coming to terms with the fact that I might need a stoma and that I need surgery. There are some videos about coping with IBD through diet. I found some more helpful than others but on the whole not overly helpful as I was either already doing what they advised, the videos were of such poor quality that I could not hear what they were saying or they were trying to sell you something before giving any advise or they spent a lot of time talking but not really saying anything.

The videos are by people in America so some of what they say does not strictly apply to people suffering from IBD in other countries or it may sound like they are trying to sell a product as well. What I find most useful about these videos is that they were not afraid to make them. They speak plainly about their situation and show you the stoma bag, therefore making it seem more manageable and not so scary. They show that you can have an active life with a stoma and once you have had surgery for IBD.

I don’t want it to sound like I am saying that everyone with IBD should go for the surgical option straight away. That is definitely not what I am saying. You should exhaust every other medical option and alternative treatment before you even consider going for surgery. For some people surgery is not what they need and they will probably never need it, unfortunately for other people such as myself it becomes a very real possibility. I spent two years trying other options before it became apparent that I would need surgery. It was not a decision that I made lightly.


Full Frontal Ostomy: Exercise with an Ostomy Belt:


Ostomy care: Stealth Belt:


The make of the ‘Ostomy car: Stealth Belt’ has quite few other videos which are interesting if you are going into surgery. Again a lot of what he is talking about applies to being in the American health care system, but the videos are worth watching to hear him talk about how he manages.


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