order within life?

I am keeping going with the what I guess is the never ending task of getting ones life in order. I guess some people do have an ultimate goal and idea of what they need to achieve for them to feel fulfillment and happiness. I assume once you reach this stage you can stop trying things and relax…Not sure I like the sound of that. I hope in a way I never reach fulfillment, that may sound a little negative but I don’t mean it to. I mean to say that I hope I always feel there is something new to try, experience, see, touch or learn, whatever. To people who know me that might sound strange as I am not always the most outgoing person. I can often feel very awkward around people I know well and often have no idea how to talk to or act around people I don’t know. There is always something new to see. There are places in the world I have never seen and never well as well. After spending a lot of time sat around the house I want to get out and about. A bit ironic writing about wanting to see the world while being sat in front of a computer screen. I will be starting small. I have already been up to Derbyshire and will be going down to Devon soon. Not the most exotic places but still very beautiful.

Other ways I have been trying to get life back in order or feel like I am actually living a life and doing things rather than just existing. I have been trying to get healthy and build my strength up again after the operations I had last year. I have been to the gym a few times and been cycling a bit as well. I did manage to fall off my bicycle the other day when the road was icy, but I not let that stop me. I will get back on the bike…once I have fixed the brakes. Building my strength back up will help to achieve other things that I want. I need to walk before I can run.


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